Relieving Dysphoria: Trans Boys

A trans boy issue: packing. To pack or not to pack. A mother contacted us today to ask for the best resource for buying a packer for her son. Yet, one mad mom contacted us a while ago to ask if we thought it was "reasonable" that she should have to have a "fake penis" in her house! And one mom told their son they would upgrade their packer for christmas, after all, some models can be very expensive..... so there is a gift idea! If you feel you can, you can open this conversation. We find some boys pack and it really helps them, some don't  care to at all. If your son needs to/wants to then read this guide or read it together. Finding ways to relieve dysphoria is crucial. When kids hide they use materials that are not helpful,sometimes unsafe, they get frustrated and have one more thing to hide. We encourage open conversation as hard as it might seem. Packers are now made for very young boys as well. We have also written about safe and comfortable gaffs and taping for girls and can reload that again for our trans daughters! Here is your guide for packers: http://www.ftmguide.org/packing.html