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A guide to supporting transgender students K-12

Fact Sheet on U.S. Department of Education Policy Letter on Transgender Students

Explanation of how schools are required to treat transgender students

Transgender Child/Youth School Q&A

In this section we discuss frequently asked questions kids and families have about school for a transgender child. Here we answer some of the questions you or your child might have about their rights in school. Please also listen to our TransWaves podcast about youth rights by board adviser and attorney Zack Paakkonen. You can access this podcast on our home page.

Legal Resources

Suggested Videos for adults

Some well worded advice from our friend Skylar Kergil. 


Advocate, ally, and mother Christie Hegarty shares her story and words of wisdom about unconditional love and what that means as a parent. 


This film beautifully captures the journey of their transgender son. A great perspective and a wonderfully accepting family!


Dr. Johanna Olson discusses transgender youth, gender transition, and juvenile justice. 


Dr. Norman Spack, a medical advisor to the TYEF Board. Dr. Spack is a Pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children's Hospital, and a co-founder of the Boston Children's Hospital Gender Management Service. Dr. Spack is known internationally as a specialist in the field of intersex and trans pediatric medicine. This video is of  a TEDtalk that Dr. Norman did in 2014 on his work with transgender teens and how valuable his work is to their sense of self and identity.