Most of our guys like to bind... more correctly put, they want to and need to bind. Who really likes it! It's satisfying in some ways but it can be tight, and restricting and make you sweat! But here are a few tips since many of you have to wear one for now!
Don't wear ace bandages or duct tape ever! These are too restrictive, they restrict your breathing and they cut off circulation and cause rashes. If you bind too tight your lungs cannot properly fill up with oxygen and serious problems can happen. Our doctors are serious about this, don't do it. 

We love the site Self Made Men at for excellent binder articles and other cool stuff about boys and men, especially binary men and presentation issues! Here are some of their hints:

For longevity:

Don't put your binder in the dryer, ever! Wash it by hand or the washing machine on cold and then hang to dry Wash it regularly, lots of sweat, germs and odors will accumulate which breaks down the fibers and can cause rashes and skin irritation Never use hot water bleach or iron, keep heat away! Hanging the binder at the end of the day will help it keep it's shape.

Do not wear the binder more then 12 hours at a time, 8-10 hours is best, take it off when at home or in private times. Bind as little as you can get yourself to. Never sleep in your binder. If you hear a rattling or wheezing in your lungs this means you have been wearing it too long or too tight. Take it off and cough hard a few times. If you hear rattling continue for a day or two, please call your doctor. Speak to your parents, if you are out to them. If not tell them anyway about the rattling even if you choose not to say how it happened. You could get pneumonia from this.

Buy a binder that helps you flatten the appearance of your breasts but does not constrict your rib cage. Some plastic surgeons say that binding too tight for too many years breaks down the breast tissue to the point of making it harder to get a great result from your top surgery if that is where you are headed. This takes years but is a real issue for some. We understand how important binding is to you, so we don’t want to worry you, just follow these guidelines, avoid trouble and get the best result. Get the cool and masculine look you want, enjoy that great feeling and stay safe and comfortable! Thanks again to Zachary at The Self Made Men site for posting so many helpful ideas!